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Global Eminence

NO.445 11.05.2018

‘KHUVENGERS’ on a Mission to Create Better Global Society

The “KHUvengers” have arrived in Siem Reap province of Cambodia. KHUvengers is a nickname chosen by Kyung Hee students who volunteered for the 2018 overseas summer GSC (Global Service Corp) program organized to help Cambodia. The name signifies that people with different sets of talent come together under the banner of Kyung Hee to create a better global society.


Comprised of 20 student volunteers and one group leader, the KHUvengers traveled to Khan Cheung Village in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for a ten-day trip. They helped to plant the seeds of the dreams of the kids attending TaPang Elementary School, and interacted with students enrolled in local universities, such as Build Bright University and Angkor University. Together, they engaged in many educational and cultural activities designed to seek ways to shape a better global society.

Seven Pre-Travel Training Sessions, including Curriculum Design, Local Language & Culture, and Safety Codes

Kyung Hee first became a partner in the 2013 Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)-sponsored ‘International Development Cooperation Project in Partnership with Universities.’ As a result, the ‘Peace Village’ project was launched in Khan Cheung Village in Siem Reap province with the goal of creating a sustainable global implementation model. Even after its successful completion in 2015, sustained networking activities have continued by short-term volunteer teams of Kyung Hee students every year. In effect, students are given an opportunity to learn through their volunteering experience, practice what they have gained, and feed their achievements into personal future visions.


Members of KHUvengers were selected by written application and interviews. Prior to leaving for Cambodia, the group underwent seven training sessions held in the Seoul campus and the Global campus. To better equip themselves for the work ahead, they learned curriculum design methodology, local language, and cultural instructions, aided by a doctoral student currently studying in Cambodia. Thorough safety training including first aid skills was also in order, as well as discussions on the global challenges such as poverty and climate change along with reading assignments and video materials.

Letter of Appreciation from TaPang Elementary School delivered to the Volunteer Group
Recognizing the clear lack of arts and sports curricula at TaPang Elementary School, the KHUvengers prepared a variety of arts and physical activity programs. TaPang students took great interest in face-painting, soccer, relay races, the ‘boombastic’ dance, and ‘raw egg rescue’ game.


An arts & academic festival was also organized to allow students to showcase the songs and dance moves they had learned. Moreover, each class was given a booth to display their art work and project deliverables from their Math, Science, English and Social Studies classes. When the program was completed, the members of KHUvengers were graced with a formal Letter of Appreciation from TaPang Elementary School.



Volunteer work continued in other areas, too. For example, they painted murals on the interior walls of the Tonle Sap Lake Kindergarten building. Operated by the Dail Community Foundation, this kindergarten is reachable only by boat, because it is a school built on the water amid a floating residential village. Volunteer students majoring in Visual Design designed the mural, which was then painted by other students.


Launched alongside Humanitas College in 2011, GSC is a university-wide action organization that aims to creatively fuse education, research, and practice. By succeeding the Kyung Hee tradition of ‘Scholarship and Peace,’ this organization demonstrates the social responsibility paradigm of ‘a true university of future.’

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